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Why Stickers are the Most Underrated Marketing Tool

Using vinyl decals to have loyal followers promote your brand in public organically.

I know what you are thinking - a sticker is just a silly mechanism to reward a good grade in elementary school or a cheap way to advertise political campaigns on the bumpers of cars. However, stickers have quickly become an incredibly popular trend among young adults and teenagers.

College students often place stickers on laptops and water bottles as a unique way to express themselves without even starting a conversation. Most businesses have yet to realize the potential of medium-sized stickers, likely because owners have not witnessed the phenomenon in its true glory. As mentions, many students use stickers as a way to meet like-minded people without having to talk to anyone first. A freshman college student interviewed in the article mentioned

"This is a platform to get information out there into the world. It’s very effective,”

If you think about it, seeing stickers all over students' belongings is thought provoking. During my time in college, backs of laptops have been a convenient way to learn more about a person, even if unintentional. As humans, we naturally look around and are curious about things people are passionate about but we have not heard of. Creating a visually appealing illustration to represent your brand is a great way to grow its presence among young demographics. In addition, stickers are a surprisingly cheap form of tangible advertising that also appear in customers' everyday lives. The next closest product would be a graphic shirt, which costs much more to produce. Stickers can be produced in bulk quantities and distributed at little cost. Here are the steps I would recommend to enter your brand into the sticker game:

  1. If you have not done so already, make sure your brand is easily recognizable and has a strong story. Clients and customers who feel close to a brand are much more likely to show it off to their friends.

  2. Decide if your brand's logo is appropriate for sharing on the backs of laptops and sides of water bottles. This step is probably the most important. If your brand has a text-based logo that gives no context of its story, you may want to consider an alternate design for this sticker. Involve younger people you know in this process; ask them if they would put a sticker like yours on their laptop. Not sure how to go about the design process? This is one of the things we do best!

  3. Determine how the stickers will be distributed. Some companies add stickers to product orders as an extra bonus for customers to open up when their package arrives. This is one example of a great way to not only improve brand loyalty, but generate passive advertising for free. Some brands give out stickers at events as souvenirs as well.

  4. Choose a quantity to have produced. Where you should print your stickers depends a lot on what the purpose of them will be and the amount you are going to order. Like with most graphic-printed products, the economics of scale will be a significant factor in your experience. The more stickers you order in each batch, the cheaper your price will be. Don't want to worry about finding manufacturers? We can help you with that too!

  5. Make sure to check over a proof before ordering large quantities. Because graphic print shops are just printing another brand's design, they often will not notice errors like you would. Most manufacturers will send you a single proof to be approved before creating the entire batch. Do not settle for anything less than perfection for the brand you love!

The Takeaway

While digital illustrations printed on vinyl are not the ultimate solution to marketing a brand, they are overlooked by many despite being a low-cost way to improve brand recognition. Stickers are quickly becoming one way for members of younger generations to express their identities. If your brand can become part of a customer or user's identity, they will likely stay loyal for the foreseeable future. If you are interested in using stickers as a form of promotion or even revenue, we can help you get started.

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